Your Ultimate Guide To Get you Started Selling Online

Building an online store from scratch seems to be a lot of work. Well, ten years ago – yes. Not today. With today’s technology where everything is at our fingertips, It’s almost everything too seems to have an app out there built so specific to help us accomplish our goals.  Setting up an online store is no different. Here, I have put together a comprehensive list to help you mapped your steps towards building your online store. Everything you need from beginning to running the online shop.

To get us on the same pace, the format of the of this post is bulleted below, This gives us the whole picture where this post is going.

  • Researching
  • Building
  • Launch
  • Growing

I think that’s it, Let’s get it on.


This part is very important and sure will worth your while. Researching ahead will save you time and money. But be mindful, researching for the wrong information is a time waster, so as getting too much information – will get you on analysis paralysis. I listed below actionable items as to what are the items that you will be needing the most, to begin with.

  • Identifying what products to sell online

Validating your Product Idea

  • Market Research
  • Testing the Market thru Ads
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Deciding to continue or move to other product.

Preparing your Inventory

  • Finding the best producers to source your product
  • Deciding how much you should Stock
  • Setting your pricing
  • Understanding Shipping and Choosing Shipping Services

Building your Online Store

  • Choosing A Domain Name
  • Choosing a Web Hosting Service
  • Making your online store User friendly
  • Making your online store Mobile Friendly
  • Setting your site to be SEO Friendly
  • Choosing Payment methods
  • Deciding if your site needs to be in Multi Languages

Marketing your Online Store

  • Be everywhere. Setting up your Social Media Accounts
  • Choosing an Ad Platform to use
  • Creating a Lead Generation Process
  • Graphics, Product Photos
  • Telling your story. Blogging and generating contents for your audience.
  • Going for the big game. SEO.

Customer Service

  • Chats
  • Email
  • Phone

Data Analytics

  • Customer Visits
  • Orders
  • Products

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