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Hey, I’m Mak Diose, welcome to my Web Development Blog. If you are an aspiring Filipino entrepreneur and looking for a rich resource and to-the-point guides on how to setup and improve your E-commerce website, well then this page is for you. I created this blog as a go-to resource for every Filipino who wants to have a successful e-commerce website.

My passion for the Internet starts since the dial up days. (Hmmm, I can still hear the Yahoo Messenger buzz. ) And, in 2010 I started working as a web developer. That was my job until present.

I create this blog for Filipinos like you who wants also ride the Internet boom. The internet is not yet saturated and in fact, here in the Philippines, we are just getting started. Our future selves will thank us for getting involved with the e-commerce revolution early on.

To get you started to take action, I prepared here for you a printable PDF document to serve as your guide in building your website. I tried to simplify it the best I can so It will fit in just one page that you can paste on your wall.

Where should I send this free guide?

I listed here the articles that will come hand with the PDF I sent to your email. If you haven’t received it, now is the time to download it.

Each point tackles the steps in detail to help you build your e-commerce website. When I’m writing this guides, I have your time in mind. We all don;t have the luxury of time. So I tried my best to only include what is relevant and leaving only the actionable items to get you going.

How the Giants do this – Is a series of posts about various websites as to how the Top E-commerce perform it.
One last thing, before I let you go. I usually post on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for timely tips, news, and updates in the world of e-commerce. I invite you to follow me on any those networks to get those updates.

Shoot me an email. I’de like to hear about your e-commerce website or any questions if you have, maybe you just wanted to say hi, that’s cool too. I would like to help, no strings attach, sure to be free of charge. I’ll be glad to read each email.

See you on my next post!

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