Plans, Goals, and a lot loads of Motivations for 2017

Year ending, New year is coming. The part of the year that gives me the most excitement. Every year,

Every year I do spend a time to reflect on what happened within the year in relation to my happiness, goals, achievements, and failures. I tracked them thru my logs that I kept from my Journal and spreadsheets. I reserve a month for planning and thinking how the next year will be much better that the previous one.

This year, overall, I can qualify that it has been a success for us. For me and my family. We made a considerable progress with our health, education, and quality of living. I can attribute this success to our continuous endeavor of seeking knowledge about having a happy and fulfilling life. We learned a lot in the process, tweaking our approach to life here and there.

On this post, I’de like to share a glimpse as to what my 2017 I planned to look like.

We decide to add a theme for this year. Our 2017 will be full of imagery, photos, graphs, lines, numbers, and colors. Visualization as I dubbed it – that’s the theme I told my wife our year 2017 will have. In all aspects, I will do my best to be more visual.

The idea came from a lesson I learned from 2016 and that is – managing distraction. One of the toughest issues I faced within the year is – distraction. Distraction takes a toll on my progress. I don’t like to get distracted and I don’t think anyone on their right mindset would be ok with that. But it’s hard to be not to. Given nowadays that we have a lot of stuff that is designed to capture our attention we can easily bet that distraction will creep its way to get you out of what you supposed to do.

Visualization is my answer, Having visuals in a place like walls, my desks, my car vanity mirror, my monitor, phones etc. On these places, attached are visuals that will remind me of stuff that I am supposed to be giving attention. Having been able to try it for over a month now, I learned that these techniques work very well for me. In with that, I’de like to maximize this coming year. Sticky notes all over the place? No no, that those kinds of reminders.

I will post more in the coming days about this visual reminders and motivators. Some will get printed perfectly to drive back attention and some will be pinned in odd places. We’ll see.

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