What I’m doing now

Hey there! Thank you for dropping by.

So you want to know what I’m up to? Here is the list stuff that I do nowadays.

Personal Project

  • I am building a web application – XGoal, visit it at xgoal.io
  • I am hosting an Online Seller Group on Facebook. Currently, it has 2,017 participants.
  • I am working on a Tutorial Course: Online Seller Starter Pack
  • Daily blogging on topics Career, Productivity, and Life Advice.

Fitness and Health

  • Eating oats or/with cereals every morning
  • Daily 30-minute exercise at home after work, between 7PM to 8PM

Topics I’m reading now

  • Enhancing Productivity
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Automation
  • Online Selling

Books I’m reading

  • The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, M.D.
  • Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris


  • Doing Online Marketing using Facebook Ad platform *New
  • Transitioning from Project Manager to a new position: Business Analyst
  • Automating reports


  • Teaching Isaac how to focus.
  • Assisting Charmaine on taking care of Timmy, our newborn son.


  • Learning online advertising to improve our business.

I try my best to update this daily more than my facebook page.

This page is last updated February 27, 2018.