My Top Recommended Applications for Small Businesses

Running a small business on your own is getting very common already nowadays. Wearing multiple hats and almost doing everything on your own is a sure no-no, But for the most of us that don’t have the capital to hire someone to assist us in completing the tasks that are needed to get done, It’s not bad at all for us to sometimes pull our sleeves up and get do the job in order for the business to move forward.

Here’s a list of applications I personally use to accomplish various tasks for our business. Some are hidden gems on the internet while some are known apps that sometimes gets overlooked. Here you go.


Trello is a very intuitive task manager that can be used to fo various types of businesses. It uses the concept of boards and cards. Boards represent a task’s whereabout or status. A newly created Trello account will have these default boards Todo, In Progress and Done. Cards, on the other hand, represents the task. These cards can be stacked on each board. With the drag and drop feature, users can move their task cards across boards with ease.

Whether you running Cake shop on your own or building an app with a team, Trello will help you visualize where is your project or business is heading.

Signup for Trello here.


The web application for your graphic design needs. From time to time, your business will need some graphics for promotions, announcements, a blog post like this. Canva is a web application that can help you make beautiful designs all on your own with less to zero design experience. The creator of Canva made it very user-friendly for everyone to use.

With hundreds, if not thousand templates available to use for FREE*, you have vast options to choose from. What I like the most is their library of Free templates, Canva, double down to its app usefulness by creating a list of preset template ready to accommodate specific needs like; Social Media post, Facebook Banner, Twitter Banner, Instagram post. Varying height and width, Canva already determined this material that businesses need that most. That’s very mindful of the users and I really appreciate that care they put in their product.

Try it here.


Do you have a team? Slack is a communication app that runs on desktop and mobile phones that aim to cut down the number of emails between team members and be more productive. Dubbed as team communication of 21st Century, Slack is the fastest growing workplace software. Since its release in 2013, Slack has now 5M users with 1.5M paying customers.

With Slack, your team can exchange messages and files, organized topics into separate channels, integrate to others services like Google Drive, Dropbox and more. My team tries Slack last year replacing our Skype for instant messaging and like other millions of users, we haven’t looked back ever since.

Give it a spin, Sign up for your team and download the app here.

Google Suite

Google Suite replaces your MS Office for your Document Writing, Spreadsheets, and Slideshow needs. If you are used to using MS Office applications on your Mac or PC, you might find transitioning very easy. Not only that Google Suite mimics the common Word or Spreadsheet features but it added more cool features that you and your team will have fun using.

With Google Suite, your team can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from anywhere and any smart device. Google is available for both IOS and Android.

Files and Documents can be shared with teammates and everyone cane works together on the same file, at the same time. Aside from these fantastic features, you are already familiar Google Suite is free to use. All you need is to signup for a Google Account and have that as your passport to get ALL of Google.

Google Forms

Google form is part of Google Suite, but I’d like to give it a special mention here. You’ll know why for a moment.

The Google Form is one of most powerful app inside the Suite, (yeah, all of them) but yet most of the small business unaware of. With the use Google Forms, your business can gather data and analyze it. Building the form is next to like just writing what data you wanted to collect. Google forms make it very easy for users and for teams to build, launch and start gathering information from your audience. With forms, you can create surveys, questioners, or build signup forms (Not an ideal way, but ok when your just getting started.)

What I like the most with Google Form is the ability to have the data you collected to straight away get inserted to a spreadsheet! Pretty Neat huh, with this capability you have now all the power to analyze and learn from your collected data.


Camtasia is a super user-friendly video editing tool, with Camtasia – you can create and edit videos for your promotions. Remember the old Moviemaker from Windows, Camtasia is a similar tool but with lots of new features added. It’s lightweight and fast and can output videos file is different resolutions and format.

What I like the most of with Camtasia are its presets sound clips that come with the application itself. The library of these presets alone can already give you compelling sound effects for your videos.

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