Getting started. Helping other small business to grow

I’de like to share you how I get started with my journey on helping local businesses to grow. The very first business I helped to take off, and the how that moment gives me the idea that I can replicate it to help others as well.

A short back story

In 2016, my wife, Charmaine, started a venture. A small business that sells customized fondant cakes and cupcakes. That business later becomes a success. Well, at least to our definition.

Years before that, we had always this dream of owning our own business. But like any other couples, we too don’t know what could be the best for us and what could be profitable. Cake business definitely does not cross our minds. My wife works as a Virtual Assistant and me in the web development industry. Crossing to the food industry is way down the list of possible options.

The unexpected business opportunity

December 2015, my wife requested that we buy an oven. The purpose is for her to bake a cake. Not to sell, but for us to consume. Specifically for me and her son Isaac. Way back then, I can clearly remember Isaac loves to eat cakes so much. Chocolate cakes in particular. Isaac is a picky eater then and so my wife, knowing that her son loves to eat cakes gives her motivation to learn how to bake a cake.

Me? I like to roast a chicken in that oven. Because why not?

Fast forward 3 months, It was summer, March. Not a single cake was baked. Not even a roasted chicken for me, the oven was there staring at us every day, occupying space, and cold as a tin can. I can remember that in between those dates, from time to time, I’m asking my wife, What is that oven for?

It was 2nd week of March, and we are buying our mid-month groceries, my wife picks up some baking ingredients. “Whoa, whoa, what is that for?’ We had a spreadsheet of groceries in place back then and this stuff is not on the list for that moment. Quite expensive, but I let it slip, after all, she promised to bake a cake for us.

She then baked a chocolate cake. The taste was yeah… bad but not that horrible, my son did not like it. I ate a slice to show some support. She’s sad with the outcome. She bakes a cupcake the next day after that. It looks okay the next time after some googling and YouTubing.

Her first customer was her friend. Her friend sees a photo she shared on her facebook timeline and ask if she can bake cupcakes for her. She was nervous but liked to take the opportunity. She did. That first client was a success. She gained confidence that this is something she’s good at. Then comes the second, then third, There we have our first Aha moment, We saw that there something here for us. Next day, we are on our way naming her business which turned out later to be Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes

My wife wanted to study further, but I do sense that we cannot afford to lose this momentum. So without her knowledge and consent, I organized a marketing plan and start a campaign. The next few days had been so busy, our phone starts ringing, her mobile phone is full of inquiries and she’s mad at me. Well, not that mad. From there, her business grew.

Helping other businesses

Months later, the idea to help other local businesses was born in which where I am now. My goal now is to help as much as local entrepreneurs by introducing them to the internet and to the tools that can help them grow their businesses.

I’de like to share my knowledge and expertise through this blog and provide guidance on how they can leverage technology to generate leads, optimize process, and most of grow their sales.

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