Mak is Full-stack web developer from the Philippines with extensive experience building up e-commerce stores. He loves eating Bibimbob and believes that it's a truly healthy food as advertised. He really knows how to write code, and he always tells that to himself. When not writing or working, Mak loves to roam Skyrim. He owns a house in Whiterun, Winterhold, and Falkreath.

Going Stoic.

A brief history on Stoicism. Stoicism is a branch of philosophy founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd century BC, It was famously practiced by the likes of Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. The philosophy asserts that virtue that – happiness and judgment be based on behavior, rather than words. That we don’t control and cannot rely…

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Your Ultimate Guide To Get you Started Selling Online

Building an online store from scratch seems to be a lot of work. Well, ten years ago – yes. Not today. With today’s technology where everything is at our fingertips, It’s almost everything too seems to have an app out there built so specific to help us accomplish our goals.  Setting up an online store is no…

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3 Steps To Get you Started Selling Online

There are tons of tutorials, articles and blog posts about how can you start an online business. With so much information out there, this sometimes leads us unable to choose which track to follow. On this post, I distilled and specifically choose the steps that you will only need just to get started. These are…

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My Top 5 Recommended Applications for Small Businesses

Running a small business on your own is getting very common already nowadays. Wearing multiple hats and almost doing everything on your own is a sure no-no, But for the most of us that don’t have the capital to hire someone to assist us in completing the tasks that are needed to get done, It’s…

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Start here

Hey, I’m Mak Diose, welcome to my Web Development Blog. If you are an aspiring Filipino entrepreneur and looking for a rich resource and to-the-point guides on how to setup and improve your E-commerce website, well then this page is for you. I created this blog as a go-to resource for every Filipino who wants…

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