Get to know Mak, and this blog

Hey there! My name is Mak Diose and welcome to my blog.

This blog is built with one mission:
To provide modern entrepreneurs of a rich and reliable source of tools and knowledge about Web Development and Design and how they can use it to grow their business.

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s is looking for smart resources, tutorials, and tips on how to effectively use the internet for your business, this blog is for you.

I have been on the internet since the dial-up days and I have always been fascinated by this vast network of information. I still can remember my first impression of the internet, I really thought that it was built to replace encyclopedias, then the Encarta, and then serve to be an ultimate virtual library. It became what I thought it would be… but actually, it did a lot more, far from my young mind could ever imagine.

Nowadays, we use it almost on anything we do. From sharing of research resource (being the original purpose when it began), we now use it for communication, finance, education, medicine, jobs, entertainment, social, and business.

I had the privileged to have witnessed how fast the Internet evolves.

I started working in the internet industry since 2010, Back in the days that WordPress is storming the internet with websites popping everywhere built on top of it. Time also when PHP was then one of the programming language rockstars. And so I became a PHP Developer. I have been a part of different web development teams, and help build web applications, websites, modules, plugins for various small and medium businesses.

Eventually, from being a contributing team member I was then promoted to lead myself a team of web developers. And with that instance on my career, I gain more experience, more chance to fail, to succeed, to experiment and try different programming approaches. I learned more about my career more than ever.

My career as a web developer was one part of my life I am most proud of.

Fast forward today. At present, I work full time as Project Manager in Makati, Philippines. Managing a web development team that helps a retail business based in Sydney, Australia. We support them remotely. Our office is located in Makati City, Philippines. My team is responsible for managing and continues development of the company’s E-commerce store.

This blog is dedicated to serving as my platform where I can share my knowledge and experience on web development to my fellow Filipino entrepreneurs. In the hopes that it will help them and their businesses succeed in their online business ventures.